How To Partner With Talabat- Adding A Restaurant

Congratulations on starting your new restaurant. As the launch date comes closer, it’ll be a good idea to improve your restaurant’s online visibility.

To get more customers and give your business a head-start, you should strongly consider boosting your restaurant’s online presence. Besides being active on social media handles and advertising via paid media, you can also collaborate with food delivery platforms. They will not only help you acquire more customers, but will also provide delivery logistics.

Partnering with Talabat, the largest food delivery platform in the Middle-East, is the next logical step most restaurant owners take. Let us give you an idea about what Talabat does and its scale of operations.

What is Talabat?

Talabat is the leader in food delivery across GCC (Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, UAE), Egypt and Jordan. People can order their favorite food online with just a few taps on the Talabat app.

Besides providing access to millions of customers online, Talabat also manages food delivery at a reasonable cost for restaurant partners so that they don’t have to worry about delivery logistics.

Who is using Talabat?

Everybody who wants to order food online.

What are they using Talabat for?

Talabat is used by people as their one-stop food ordering app. Millions of people search for their favourite restaurants on Talabat, order food online, pay online, and get the order at their doorstep.

For restaurant partners, Talabat is an excellent medium to attract new customers, develop a stable revenue stream, and manage their delivery logistics.

How are they using Talabat?

People signup on Talabat both via its website or through its mobile applications. The Talabat app is easy to use and catalogues a wide range of restaurants for users to choose from. Moreover, Talabat enables online payments and order tracking features as well.

How to add a restaurant on Talabat?

Adding your restaurant on Talabat is quite simple. Just go to Partner with Talabat and fill out the restaurant and your personal information.

Adding Restaurant On Talabat by PlumQRListing Restaurant On Talabat by PlumQR

Alternatively, you can also send an email to [email protected]. Do not forget to include your name, your contact details, and your restaurant's name.

Post verification from the Talabat team, once your restaurant listing becomes live, you can login at the Talabat Restaurant Portal and update your restaurant page.

How many restaurant partners does Talabat have?

Talabat, being the largest food delivery platform in the Middle-East, has approx. 4,200 partner restaurants and a fleet of over 16,000 riders for food delivery.

Why should I become a Talabat partner?

There are several benefits of being a Talabat partner-

  1. Additional revenue- Get more orders online and add a stable revenue stream to your business
  2. Attract new customers- Gain visibility through the Talabat platform and get access to a wide customer base
  3. Outsource delivery & logistics- No more managing drivers and fretting about food delivery

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