5 Best Contactless Menus- Pros, Cons, Pricing- For Restaurants & Hotels During COVID

Contactless menus are a rage in restaurants and hotels during COVID 2020. Guests can simply scan the QR code and order food or room service on the mobiles or tablets.

While there are several QR menu makers, the following 3 factors play a major role in decision making-

  • Features available such as contactless ordering, payments etc.
  • Pricing of the QR code (including additional charges)
  • Tech support and integrations provided by QR menu maker
Best Contactless Menus For Restaurants and Hotels Covid 2020

Here is our list of the best contactless menus For restaurants during Covid 2020-

1. Bonee

Free Trial? Yes, free trial for 7 days.

Bonee QR menu enables guests to scan the QR code, view touchless menu on the smartphone, place orders and make payment. The QR menus are widely used by restaurants and cafes to ensure safe dining during Covid.


  • Interactive QR menu for taking orders online
  • Available in over 25 languages
  • Guests can reserve a table and pre-order food via contactless menu
  • Feedback options for guests
  • No app download needed


  • Covid menu at $19 /month only provides digital QR menu
  • Contactless ordering starts at $59 /month


  • Covid Menu- $19 /month
  • Starter- $39 /month
  • Basic- $59 /month
  • Premium- $129 /month

2. PlumQR

Free Trial? Yes, free trial for 60 days.

PlumQR offers contactless menus and QR ordering for restaurants and hotels. It offers a complete contactless menu and order management system with unlimited visits, tables, and rooms in every price plan. 

The platform is quite flexible and is used by a range of venues such as catering, curb-side, pool-side, meat shop, bakery, etc.


  • QR menus for dine-in, takeout/delivery, and room service
  • QR menus in 25+ languages including English, French, Spanish, Arabic, etc.
  • Integration with kitchen and bar printers for order management
  • Contactless menu and dashboard are mobile, tablet, and desktop compatible in the free plan as well
  • White-labeling of menu URL & integration with restaurant website is done at no extra cost


  • Online payments are enabled only in Gold plan at $29.99/ year


  • Silver Plan- $17.99 /year
  • Gold Plan- $29.99 /year

3. Orderlina

Free Trial? Not available.

Orderlina offers contactless menus, QR ordering, mobile payments, and contactless check-in for guests at restaurants and hotels. Guests can also pay their bill and tip on their mobile with a credit card, Google Pay, or Apple Pay.


  • Both QR and pdf menus available
  • Contactless check-in
  • No app download is needed
  • Great order management features such as managing dashboard permissions for different users
  • Social sharing buttons on QR menu


  • Free plan limits contactless menu views to 200/month
  • Multilingual menus are charged extra


  • Free Plan- Up to 200 views /month
  • Venue- $19 /month
  • Venue+- $49 /month
  • Multi- $99 /month

4. Beaconstac

Free Trial? Yes, free trial for 14 days.

Beaconstac’s pdf and image based QR menus are highly customizable in look and design. They offer 2 types of QR codes- Dynamic (can change menu but QR code remains unchanged) and Static (QR code changes on menu change). The pricing of the contactless menu is based on QR code scans per year.


  • Highly customizable drag-and-drop QR menu builder
  • Multiple menus with one QR Code (day & night menu, different language menu)
  • Age restricted drink menus
  • No app download is required
  • Also avail proximity marketing solutions from Beacontsac


  • No QR ordering feature
  • No online payment option


  • Starter- $60 /year
  • Lite- $150 /year
  • Pro- $490 /year


Free Trial? Yes, free trial for 14 days. generates QR code for menus, prints contactless menu cards, and ships them to the restaurants. Guests can scan the displayed QR code and view beautiful menus on their phone. Menu integration with existing point of sale and ordering systems is underway.


  • Graphical guest experience with images and video content on the QR menu
  • Shipping contactless menu cards to the restaurants
  • Currently support English, Italian, and Spanish language menus
  • Track and trace guests following Covid safety regulations
  • No app download needed


  • Restaurant can only have 1 menu under the Essential Plan priced at $25/month per location
  • No contactless ordering feature


  • Essential Plan- $25/ month per location
  • Pro Plan- $45/ month per location

Which one is the best contactless menu during Covid times?

The right answer to this question lies in finding the best fit for your restaurant.

Do I want an interactive menu or just a pdf menu? Do I want to reprint the QR code every time I make menu changes? Do I need QR ordering? Will I use online payments for guests?

The answers to these questions will give you clarity of the best feature-price fit so that you don’t pay for features you are not going to use.

Also, be super-conscious of the additional charges regarding multi-language menus, integration with kitchen printers, white-labelling menu, etc.

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